Washington D.C. based

Consulting firm specializing in strategic policy and political counsel and advocacy for health care.

The McManus Group

Specializes in policy counsel and advocacy for clients in the health care industry. Founded in 2004, the firm currently serves 20+ major clients across the pharmaceutical and medical device industries as well as physician and health care provider, plan vendor and non-profit institute sectors. The Group’s Principals collectively have over 30 years of experience in health care policy and advocacy and are dedicated to providing both product-specific and thematic legislative and regulatory solutions for our clients. Through detail-oriented policy analysis and strategic political counsel, we endeavor to make our clients’ views known to key policymakers throughout the government and framed in a manner to best achieve an optimal outcome. Our relationships with high-level decision-makers in Congress and the Administration enable clients to leverage their views with those that matter most. As a boutique operation specializing only in health care and focusing on leaders in their respective field, each client is assured maximum attention to help achieve its unique public policy goals and vision.

Our Team:

  • Assists clients in developing and implementing policy solutions to address pressing legislative and regulatory concerns;
  • Provides strategic counsel and legislative strategy to maximize clients’ policy goals;
  • Advocates with key healthcare leaders in Congress, particularly on key committees of jurisdiction (Ways and Means Committee, Finance Committee, Energy and Commerce Committee, and HELP Committee) and policymakers at the Department of Health and Human Services, particularly the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
  • Delivers detailed analysis of health care legislation, assessments of the political environment and timely intelligence on congressional and Administrative actions affecting clients’ interests
  • Drafts legislation, amendments, market analysis and talking-points for clients
  • Provides real-time summary and analysis of every congressional hearing, MedPAC meeting and briefing on clients’ issues.


The McManus Group
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